Available Features

Guest Authentication

Guests are able to log onto the internet with one of the following sets of details (which are retrieved from the Cloudbeds reservation details):

  • Room & Surname

  • Phone Number


PMS VIP Feature

Guests can be identified as “VIP” and provided with increased data and/or speed limits with the selection of the Booking Source. This enables sites to encourage guests to book direct with their property rather that via an OTA (Online Travel Agency) such as Booking.com who charge large percentage based fees to the property when a booking is made through them.

The “VIP” section of the Generic PMS Module set provides the ability to inform guests of whether they have been provided extra Speed/Data or whether they can achieve this if they book direct on a subsequent visit. This is a good way to monetise against the costs of providing a managed WiFi solution such as is provided by 4WiFi.


Charge To Room

If data limits are not set to Unlimited, additional data is able to be sold to guests (via Credit Card and Stripe Integration module), or in the case of Cloudbeds PMS Integration the charges are able to be posted back to the reservation of the guest accessing the internet.

In addition to this, it is possible to invoke the VIP status upon connection when this feature is enabled to allow guests who are not already pre-selected as VIP to purchase an “upgrade” to their internet access, which is then charged to their room at a fee determined in the configuration of the 4WiFi Platform.