Initial Setup Tasks

There are a couple of tasks you will need to do when you first setup the integration with Cloudbeds on the 4WiFi Platform. These instructions will make it as simple and as quick as possible.

Linking and Authorising the 4WiFi Platform to access your Cloudbeds property is the first step.

Downloading Room data is a requirement as step 2 (and may be required if you add more rooms to your property in the future). Steps for this are here: Downloading Room Data

Setting up Rooms and Limits will allow the system to begin to populate the platform with the guests you have in-house.

Our staff would always like to review to make sure you are providing the best set of configurations to match with your property and what your guests are expecting, there are a number of settings which we can help you understand better and also provide insights into why you might set things in a certain way. For this reason we would like to hear from you while the setup is happening and work with you to ensure the best outcome.

We can be contacted on the Support number or via email and will arrange a time to walk through the system with you to ensure we give you the best start to the experience.